October 11, 2022

Wedding is one of the most important and happiest events for couples. This is the result of a period of time the couple gets to know each other and eventually they choose to get married to live together and build a family. However, this is also the most stressful period they go through as there is a lot of work to be done during this time. Therefore, Wedding Planner was born to solve the problems that the couple encountered during their wedding preparation.

There are so many questions about the work and the values of a wedding planner : Why do you need a wedding planner, and what are they for? How would they do to help grooms and brides-to-be on the wedding day? What sort of things will a wedding planner do? Don’t worry, this article will discover what a wedding planner really does !

As a wedding planner, one of the key things your clients will expect is quality supplier recommendations. It’s not just about managing the logistics so that the day goes off without a hitch. It’s about connecting couples with suitable suppliers who will bring their wedding vision to life. Having a list of important contact of vendors, venues, suppliers etc., is just for starters!

Full Service Wedding Planner

Full service wedding planners, as the name suggests, provide an all inclusive approach to planning your wedding day. They start the planning process alongside the bride and groom, around 9-12months before your actual wedding day and help bring the vision for wedding ceremonies, receptions and after parties to life.

Their hands on approach means they work to provide you with “perfect” wedding day, with all the bells and whistles you had envisioned. Their level of dedication to your wedding means you’ll also have someone around to bounce ideas off of, and this is why your wedding planner also needs to be someone who you feel comfortable communicating with, and someone you firmly believe will tie the essence of your nuptials into your wedding day.

Partial Service Wedding Planner

Partial service wedding planners take on a portion of their client’s wedding preparations, in order to assist with aspects of the wedding that require their expertise. Partial planning services are often bundled, as to suit the needs of the client, and can include assistance with creating a wedding budget, wedding planning timeline, vendor recommendations, coordinating meetings (with wedding caterers, for example), finding and hiring wedding venues and florists.

Wedding Coordinator

The functions of a wedding coordinator are more limited than a full service and partial service wedding planners and their focus is comprised of a few main components. Their purpose is to communicate with vendors to hire any kind of equipment you need to cater for your wedding day – whether it’s decorative or wedding theme related items, or equipment required for seating guests or catering meals on your wedding menu. 

Similarly, the wedding coordinator, once he/she has organised the elements you require for hire from wedding vendors, will need to make sure that your wedding suppliers actually turn up on the day. They are the go between for the happy couple, and usually your wedding coordinator will handle any mishaps by either consulting the couple or using their years of experience to make judgement calls and find solutions for pressing issues regarding wedding suppliers and delivery.

Wedding Designer

A wedding designer will focus on creating the wedding’s design concept, and work within your wedding’s theme. They will also provide a colour palette, manage the hiring of wedding decor and vendors that bring the style of your venue to life, hiring flowers and lighting for example.

They are also responsible for creating floor plans and will visit your wedding venue to create a layout for your wedding ceremony or reception. They will style all decorative elements within your wedding venue and even source statement furniture and special equipment that’s needed for the seamless running of your wedding day.


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