Why should you have a beach wedding?

June 16, 2021

When deciding the wedding location, the couples get many troubles in choosing a perfect place. Nowadays, beach wedding has turned into the trend for young couples who love the freedom and liberty.

Apart from the traditional wedding, the space is not limited. With the open stretch of the beach, couples and guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the sea, listen to the sound of waves, and harmonize with the beauty of nature. The moment of looking at the sunset together with family and friends is remarkable.

Beach wedding is less expensive

One reason why many couples loving beach weddings is because of the cost. Compared to the traditional wedding, the beach wedding is affordable. You can save money on decoration and catering. Many resorts have included the price of renting and catering in one package. The package allows couples to save money.

Comfortable dress in a beach wedding

The brides can take off high heels for the beach wedding, wear an elegant dress and a simple hairstyle. Although there is no fancy dress, the bride can still be outstanding and be herself on a particular day.

Beach wedding activities

Along with the party, couples and guests can participate in different outdoor activities before or after the wedding. These activities can tighten the bond between couples and guests. It is also a time for couples and guests to have a short vacation and enjoy the best day.

Beach wedding in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical country, where the temperature between 30~35 degrees during summer and sometimes lasted until October. Therefore, Vietnam is a perfect location for organizing a beach wedding. Moreover, having a beach wedding in Vietnam is ideal for relieving stress and relaxation for yourself, your partner, and the guests.

Vietnam is famous for gorgeous beaches and especially the extraordinary islands where you can enjoy a private beach wedding far away from the bustle and hustle of the city. This experience makes your wedding day more memorable and eventful.

Of course, there will be a lot of stress while preparing for your wedding, but don’t worry, let’s Bayla be a part of your day, and you can sit down and relax. Our planners help you from the beginning until the end of your wedding to ensure that your marriage is exclusive.