4 Best Beaches To Get Married In Vietnam

April 1, 2021

A beach wedding is always on the top list of wedding planners. Why? Because of the romantic of a beach. The sun, the sea, and the fresh wind are all perfect decorations for a wedding. So why not having a beach wedding? Vietnam is well-known with bluest and most extensive beaches. We will introduce you to the top beaches that our couples love in terms of beach weddings. 

Ha Long Bay

It is not a strange name to most foreign tourists. Ha Long Bay is on the top of most visited places when it comes to Vietnam attractions. Although not many people think about Ha Long Bay as a beach wedding destination, we guarantee that Ha Long Bay has many private charming beaches to organize a beach wedding. With the wind’s sound from caves, the dynamic and massive forest system, a beach wedding in Ha Long Bay is gorgeous. 

On the other hand, Ha Long Bay is famous for a massive cave system. You can both visit caves and having a wedding at the same time on a cruise. Our couples have tried a cruise wedding in Ha Long Bay, and they were impressed with the idea of having a cruise wedding. 

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is an island laid on the Kien Giang Province. It surrounds by a giant sea and a dynamic ecosystem. Recently, Phu Quoc has been becoming a popular venue for beach weddings because of the private beach. Many resorts and hotels have their private beach that many couples aim to. With the convenience of the service, more and more couples choose a resort with a private beach to organize their wedding and have a vacation at the same time. 

Da Nang

Da Nang is always on the first top of couples when it comes to beach weddings in Vietnam. With the nice weather for all seasons, marvelous beaches, why not have a Danang beach wedding? 

If you are looking for a private beach wedding, Danang is your answer. Many resorts and hotels are allowing couples to have an intimate beach wedding there. 

The resorts and hotels are generous by providing enormous benefits for couples staying and organizing a wedding. Depending on each resort or hotel, a package can be available to the pair. Some resorts and hotels only provide the venues, but some of them can include catering and renting. However, with Bayla, we are in charge of all the steps. You just need to tell us your idea, and we will make it happens. 

Coto Island

Coto Island is not a huge island, but it is still well-known for the lovely beaches. Although the island is not far from the mainland, it always keeps its peace and calm atmosphere. Therefore, it is ideal for couples who do not want to spend a period after a beach wedding. 

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