“Must-do” List before the Wedding Day

July 21, 2021

How do you feel before the wedding day?  Nervous? Besides checking all the to-do lists, as a bride, you should review the 3 things below to ensure that you are ready for your big day.

1. Try out the wedding dress

A wedding dress is the first item that the brides put on the top list. As a result, the dress is worn beforehand. Some brides even try the dress a few months before the wedding to find out the perfect dress for them. Some spend a lot of money on designing a wedding dress. However, many brides forget to try the dress a few days before the wedding. Therefore, don’t make all the efforts become 0 on the big day. Remember that our bodies change according to days or months. Not only that, but our emotions also affect the changing of the body. Therefore, the form of the body can be slightly different compared to when you put the dress on. Therefore, 3 – 7 days before the wedding, don’t forget to recheck the dress to ensure that the measurement still fits your body.

2. Skincare and healthy diet

Who doesn’t want to be the prettiest on their big day? Therefore, the skin is an important key to protect the make-up. Do skincare regularly and use a mask to keep your skin hydrated. If you have time, a spa or beauty salon can be a solution. They can help your skin be more energetic and brighter. Not only that, but you can also relax while doing the face massage. The wedding preparation takes a lot of the bride’s energy. This way can help you be comfortable and recharge your emotion.

Not only your skin, pay attention to your diet. Avoid hot and oil food. Keep the balance of healthy food to prevent acne.

3. Be happy and positive

It is a motto that every wedding planner will advise the couples. Although wedding day is a big day for the brides, sometimes it can be negative influences such as anxiety, nervousness, or restlessness. However, don’t make it a huge problem. Because the comfort and joy of the bride are some of the elements that allow the wedding successful, more meaningful, and memorable. Before the wedding day, don’t stay up late and worry about the next day. Instead, you should sleep early in a comfortable pajama, do not overthinking.

Moreover, you should share your jobs with your bridesmaids or your wedding planner and seek support from the family. Bayla is a trusted friend who is always willing to assist the brides before, during, and after the day. We encourage the brides to share their thoughts and release their negative emotions before the day by helping the brides until the last minute.

Don’t make your wedding day become a terrible day because of negative emotions. It should be the happiest day ever. Remember, you need to have a bright smile on your wedding day!