5 reasons why couples should choose Vietnam as a destination wedding.

April 22, 2021

We are in a complicated time when most weddings have to be postponed due to the pandemic. It leads to pressure and depression for many couples. Moreover, many countries have banned foreign tourism from controlling the virus. However, many experts and people believe that 2021 is a new beginning. On the other hand, an elopement or a wedding abroad will be a trend in the future. So why not combine a short vacation with your wedding in a beautiful country such as Vietnam?

When is the best time?

Vietnam is a small country, but it has plenty of potentials for couples. One of the most significant components is that Vietnam lies in a tropical climate. There are four seasons in the North and two seasons from the middle to the South: rainy and dry. As a result, you can visit Vietnam at any moment in any place for a wedding abroad. During winter, you can still have a beach wedding in the sunshine.

However, autumn and spring are the two most season recommendations for a perfect wedding. During autumn, the weather is not too hot for an outdoor wedding. Moreover, there will be more spectacular nature views with the changing of colors and weather. You will love Vietnam’s nature in autumn.  


Although Vietnam is famous for plenty of beautiful beaches and rivers, there are still many hidden gems lying in every natural spot. From the magnificent mountain to the enormous bay is waiting for your wedding. If you want an outdoor wedding, you cannot miss the nature of Vietnam. 

But if you are a beach lover, then Vietnam is absolutely an excellent option for a beach wedding. The sun is bright, and the sea is blue. One of the famous beaches is located in Danang. Danang beaches are on the top ten beautiful beaches all over the world. Moreover, there will be many resorts with a private beach that would be a perfect option for an intimate beach wedding. 


One of the significant reasons people choose Vietnam for a destination wedding is the affordable price. It is estimated that a beach wedding cost will be around 8567$ per 50 guests. The amount can be varied depending on other factors. However, compared to other hot destination weddings such as Paris, Rome, or Santorini, the price is less costly. Therefore, couples can save up an amount of money. 

Outdoor activities

After a wedding, many couples get plenty of questions about what we do after a wedding. In Vietnam, many outdoor activities are perfect for a lovely new bird. If your partner loves nature, outdoor activities such as kayaking, kitesurfing, off-road biking are excellent options for couples to enjoy the view and spend time together. But if you are looking for a relaxing activity, exploring local culture cuisine, doing spa, swimming on the beach are waiting for you to try in different places in Vietnam. 

Unique Wedding

A destination wedding in Vietnam can create a feeling, vibe, and style. With Bayla, we want our couples to have a specialized wedding experience in terms of both physical and mental. It will be an unforgettable event in couples’ marriage. With five years in wedding planning, we can assist you in a personalized wedding.