Wedding Program

The Wedding program includes all the activities and the timeline through the evening reception, from the meal to speeches and the tie the knot. It can also inform guests of different reception rooms (if you have a large venue) and any additional activities or games.

Thank You Cards

One of the best ways to honor your guests is to send them thank you cards. This can have the bride and groom’s name, your guest's name, and the wedding date on the back of the cards. A tip is to include thank you cards with small gifts. It can be a lovely reminding your guest of all the memorable moments had at your wedding!

Depending on your budget and the concept of the wedding,

You can add some of the items listed behind there:

  • Save-The-Date Card: Save-the-Date cards help your guests reserve your wedding date in advance.
  • Reception Card: Reception cards include information about the wedding reception. It should have the name, address, location, and time of the reception. Some wedding includes information about the dress code or whether children are welcome.
  • Seating Plan & Table Number: The seating plan and table number can help the guests find their seats.
  • Menu: The menu includes all of the reception meals. You should inform food options, the set menu, ingredients
  • Gift Tags: If you give the guests a little gift for them to take home after the ceremony, you can put a small piece of paper that includes the couple’s name so that they can have good memories of your wedding
  • Guest Book: The guest book allows guests to leave sincere messages for the couple. You can put an Instax and the guests stick their polaroids in the guest book so that the wedding is more memorable.

A completed wedding stationery is the stationery that can inform all the important information about the wedding for the guest. We hope the checklist can help our future bride and groom. And we will be here to accompany you to make the perfect wedding stationery!