Wedding Idea: Honor your pet on the special day

For some couples, a pet is also one of their important family members. So they want to include pets as a way of honor on the wedding day. Here are some suggestions for you to bring your friends on wedding day.

1. Walk Down the Aisle Together

Your pet has been there for you through all of the ups and downs so having them accompany you down the aisle is the best idea. A pet is a perfect companion for the most important of occasions. And we think he or she deserves a spot next to you at the altar too.

2. Ring bearer

Pet is one of the non-traditional ring bearer to make your wedding more remarkable. And it is also the best way to honor your pet as an important member.

3. Dress your pet in festive attire

Pets at weddings should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. And it will make them more adorable.

4. Take a photoshoot with them

Consider scheduling an engagement or bridal shoot in the months leading up to the wedding, or taking photos with them during the getting-ready portion of the day. It is also a great way to honor your pet if your pet can’t join the wedding ceremony.

5. Include them in small details of decoration or stationery

There are literally many ways to have your pet on your wedding day through the decoration or stationery. Place little photo frames for your receptions, incorporate their fuzzy faces into your invitations, or print an illustration on menus, signage, and napkins are our suggestions.

Some inspiration for your wedding

Last but not least

Before deciding to let your pet on your wedding day, it's important to understand some key considerations.

  1. Make sure your wedding venue allows pets. And the outdoor venue is our best suggestion to bring your pet but don’t forget to talk to the manager about it.
  2. Have a person take care of your pet. You and your spouse will be busy with photos, dances, and other guests so you should find someone to help watch after them.
  3. The idea of leaving your pet at home while you and your partner tie the knot may break your heart slightly, but it also might be the wisest thing to do. Some pets can be stressed in such a large crowd so make sure your pet feels comfortable going outside.
  4. If it's not feasible to include your pet in the wedding ceremony, having them accompany you to your engagement shoot instead is also a great