5 Reasons why you should choose Vietnam for an elopement wedding

1. The wide range of natural venues

Vietnam is a country with a wide range of natural landscapes from South to North. We have it all: Beaches, culture, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, and sophisticated lively cities. A sunset beach wedding in Phu Quoc? You can choose it for your elopement! The breathtaking views of Ninh Binh scenery as your backdrop for the wedding? We’re stoked to help you plan it! The options are endless, and it starts with choosing the best place to elope!

2. Explore new place

Some couples like combining weddings and honeymoon vacations. What could be better than turning your wedding into an extended honeymoon with your spouse?

Eloping in a new destination like Vietnam also gives you a chance to explore a wonderful country. Besides many breathtaking views, Vietnam has tasty food and the Vietnamese are warm and welcoming people to all who want to embrace and experience our great homeland.

3. Saving budget and worthy spending

Elopement weddings save a lot of money for couples because you cut out expenses that don’t really add anything to your experience. You get to decide what’s important to you, and how you want to prioritize the money you spend. And Vietnam is always on the list of the top cheapest countries to visit every year.

But remember that when you spend the right amount of money you will receive the same quality back. That means the more money you spend on the proper categories, the better your idea wedding comes true. To have a perfect wedding, we recommend couples have an extended budget because the wedding is a one-time occasion in your life and we believe no one wants some unexpected problems to come on an important day like that.

4. Unique and personal

Eloping is more intimate and easier than a traditional wedding in a lot of ways. The fact that an elopement wedding doesn’t have any rules and the couple can decide from what they would wear to where they can get married. Each elopement is completely customized to what the couple wants.

5. Professional wedding planners in Vietnam

The wedding will make couples feel overwhelmed because of the tasks they have to prepare before the wedding. An elopement wedding is not exceptional, especially when couples decide to elope in other countries. As foreigners, couples face a lot of problems like the barriers of language and culture, they find it hard to choose the vendors that will provide quality service, and which places are appropriate to do weddings.

But when comes to us - Bayla Vietnam Destination Wedding, couples don’t have to worry about anything. We have professional planners who would help you to keep track of the tasks, connect all the vendors you need, and suggest the best venues in Vietnam.

Do you have any plans to have an elopement wedding in Vietnam in the future? Let’s contact us and we will give you insightful advice!