Da Lat enchanted forest

September 18, 2022
Elopement Wedding

Thao & Nam

Da Lat

Thao and Nam came to Da Lat in late December. Under the shivering winter cold, Da Lat is still attractive, as it has always been in its very own way. Foggy weather, a remote area deep inside the enchanted pine woods, Da Lat is like a nomadic love song of the mountains, the forest, making the toughest hearts melt.


Attractive. Classy. Sexy. Passionate. That’s what everyone thinks about the red - burgundy palette. Symbolizing ambition, power, and of course - passionate love, burgundy is a deep reddish-brown shade inspired by wine from the Burgundy region of France.

This majestic red - burgundy tone on the foggy, isolated pine woods canvas truly did brought out the enchanted vibes of Da Lat forest.

Using a combination of burgundy shades with multiple types of flowers and leaves, even some rare species with elaborate names like the red mokara orchid, protea, scabiosa and calla lily, adding some light pink roses to create highlights, we have created an alluring flower gate for Thao and Nam’s photoshoot.

Overlooking a river and several gentle slopes of the pine hills faraway, we set up a table for two.

Still using the majestic red - burgundy tone, we added moss on the surface so that the table scene is more connected to the scenic view. Some taper candles with antique candle holders have also been used to make the scene more classy and sophisticated.

The Couple

Thao and Nam are destined to be together.

A feminine, soft-spoken bride and a gentle, caring groom.

Even if Da Lat is difficult, accidentally pouring a heavy rain over their romantic adventure, Thao and Nam’s warm affection still stays unaffected. In contrast, the gloomy look of the rain even made their secret retreat seem more mysteriously beautiful.

Maybe it’s the whisper of winter in the air that makes people want to stay closer. One enchanted pine woods, one alluring burgundy flower gate, two clear umbrellas and two love birds under the rain - the perfect fairytale scene.

Love in Dalat

Da Lat is widely known as the City of Eternal Spring. People said that Da Lat has all four seasons in one day: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter at night - beautiful from dusk till dawn.


Thank for the team:

Concept, Decoration: Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Planner: To Phuong Dung

Photography: Kien's Collection

Venue: Da Lat