Fairy tale love

April 20, 2020
Intimate Wedding

Chi & Khoi

Flamingo Dai Lai

The were some little stories, which were only the fairy tales, there were some dreams, which were only written on the papers, throughout the time, something disappeared, something faded, but there were still a story walking into life and became the fairy tale in real life, that is the love of Chi and Khoi.

After nurturing for a long day, Thuyen Giay and Chi has together created a dreamlike scenery, which she always dreamed to celebrate on her wedding day. Under the night dew in Flamingo Dai Lai, in a space fulled of roses and fairy lights, there was an intimate wedding of bride and groom, which marked 5 – year – together of them.

Unique and elegant is the priority choice that we look forward to. Nevertheless, to make a really special wedding, Thuyen Giay always want to spend time listening to our clients, what they want and what they need. On the way to perform your dream, Thuyen Giay is not only a partner but also your companion, experience with you the most spiritual feelings.

A wedding by Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Venue: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Photos: Bokeh Lah Wedding