Tropical Wedding in a Secret Island

February 18, 2021
Intimate Wedding

Cuc Anh & Trung Kien

Coto Island, Quang Ninh

The wedding day of Cuc Anh and Trung Kien still bears in our mind till the day it has ended. On the golden shore of Co To, they have celebrated the biggest day in life. It was a sunny day on the beach, we can see every stream lights of the sun reflects on the floral arches, on the stunning dress of bride and of course on the happy face of our guests.

Cuc Anh and Trung Kien’s wedding significantly bore the breath of summer with tropical style. Bouquets of flowers with splendid colors not only brightened the clear sky but also the blue sea. Every small details from the chairs, the wooden pallet, bamboo tape fans to the arches of flowers … is prepared carefully and harmonized with each other

On that special day, even though there were some difficulties in preparing and transporting, we still felt so special to be a part of your happiness. Bayla was truly happy and cheerful with the accomplishment. It was so great to see pleased smiles from the bride and the groom to express their satisfaction in that unforgettable day.

Venue: Coto Island, Quang Ninh

Photos: 89.1 Studio

Planner & Decoration: Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner