The ultimate guide for elopement wedding

Elopement wedding is a trend of wedding many young couples like nowadays. If you want to spend the precious moment with the love of your life without the interruption of any person, an elopement wedding is the best choice for you. Some couples like to have intimate and private moments like this and they usually combine the wedding and honeymoon together. To have the perfect elopement wedding, let’s follow these steps.

Determine the budget

Budget is always the first question that every couple should consider before deciding to have an elopement wedding. Be realistic about your expectations and your funds, and don't forget some factors that bring unexpected costs. Your budget will guide the rest of the process and help you navigate any difficult decisions with its firm bottom line.

When you have a certain budget, it is easier to decide the plan for your wedding and it will help us - the wedding planners to make a plan that suits you best.

Choose the right wedding venue

The wedding venue is the key to your elopement wedding. If you want to have an elopement ceremony out of the country, research the best times to travel to your destination to ensure the location has the best time for an elopement wedding.

Don't get your heart set on a destination wedding before finding out if the location allows weddings. If weddings are allowed, check to see if you'll need a permit to have your elopement. State parks, national landmarks, or private beaches require permits for legal ceremonies, so consider permit fees when making your wedding budget.

Plan the ceremony

One of the benefits of an elopement wedding is you have fewer traditional things at the wedding. Elopements are a great opportunity to steer away from tradition and pick an outfit that may be more represent the couple’s personalities and aesthetics. For an elopement wedding, you should prepare the outfit, the way of tying the knot ceremony, and the vows.

And don’t forget a backup plan in case something unexpected happens to the venue.

Organize a dinner post-elopement

A dinner after elopement can be a private celebration (just the couple), an all-out reception with friends and family, or some combination of both. Or you can always postpone the celebration to a later date.

Some couples like to make one-year anniversary party to host an event that feels like a reception without so much of the pressure of hosting an entire wedding

If planning your elopement wedding is giving you stress or you don’t have time to plan, we're here to help your dream wedding come true. We have professional planners to make elopement weddings with unique venues you have never heard of before.