Rustic Tropical Wedding

April 19, 2021
Intimate Wedding

Tuan Minh & Thai Binh

Au O Kitchen, Hanoi

Minh and Binh first met when they were 18. A delightful, enthusiastic young lady and a (somewhat) arrogant little gentleman. Not so much in common, but they found each other attractive in their own way. After 8 years of being by each other's side, loving, and growing up together, they are still having fun, teasing each other as they did when they were teens.


The teenage dream with all the youthful cheerfulness became lovers' romantic wedding in the middle of Hanoi - the chaotically busy capital. A cozy wedding was held in the early winter breeze. A little bit of orange, a little of red, a little bit of yellow, with a touch of bamboo and rattan, the tropical inspiration truly brought out a cozy, warming vibe for Binh and Minh's wedding.

Preparing Vows

Binh and Minh have always given each other handwritten letters on special occasions. Each letter, to quote the bride, “has held the cheesiness and silliness of their teenage romance”. Whenever looking back at those letters, they always found a little piece of their younger selves. However, can no letter be compared to the most important ones - the ones that they wrote to each other on the big day, the ones that put a milestone to their 8-year relationship and shows that they are ready for the next chapter of their life.


Binh and Minh's intimate wedding is filled with their closest friends - the friends that watched them growed from two silly cheesy in-love teenagers to two love birds in their adulthood. They formed a special aisle for Binh and Minh and cheered as the couple walked down on it. The name of the bride and groom together, “Binh Minh" means sunrise in Vietnamese. And despite the brisk winter breeze, this tropical wedding has really made us feel warm and “sunny”.

After Party


Thank for the team:

Concept, Planning and Decoration: Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Photography: De Rossa Studio

Venue: ẦU Ơ Vietnam Kitchen