The journey of love

February 21, 2021
Outdoor Wedding

Ha & Ryan

Elegant Suites Westlake Hanoi

Ha was our special guest. She was a Vietnamese overseas student in Australia. When she lived and studied there, she had met and fallen in love with Ryan. Together, they traveled worldwide and finally reached their final destination – Viet Nam. Their marriage is the combination of two different cultures. Still, that is the special thing that made the ceremony the most unforgettable wedding.

The Preparation

The ceremony was celebrated in a lovely garden filled with green grass and the pleasant fragrance of pure white rose. We used West culture by using swings, post–box, flower gates, etc. We focused even on the smallest detail so that every moment passed by, all the guests felt like they were at home.

The Ceremony

The mixture of two cultures in collaboration with intimate atmosphere of two families really surprised us.

Along with the groom in garden was the appearance of two mothers, while our beautiful bride was led by her father.

The most touching moment in the wedding was when Ryan expressed his gratitude to bride parents in Vietnamese:

“Con cảm ơn ba mẹ”. These words might not be the perfect Vietnamese but it was the language of love and thankfulness.

Planner & Coordinator & Decor: Bayla Wedding Planner

Venue: Elegant Suites Westlake Hanoi

MUA: Tuta Make Up

Photo: Mori Studio