Loving on board

February 25, 2021


Starlight Cruise – Ha Long Bay

Lam was introduced to our bride thourgh her mother. Like an old tale, a girl must marry the young man that her parents have selected for her, this surprising situation had not led them to a sad ending but a happy wedding in Ha Long Bay.

Elly, who had studied for a long time in Australia, still got the gentle look and soft manners of a Vietnamese bride. On the other hand, with modern taste, Elly wanted her wedding to be simple and elegant. “The most important thing is everyone feel happy”, she said.

Having studied abroad in Australia and got a lot of friends there, Elly wanted her wedding to be more than just a ceremony in a restaurant or hotel. In her mind, she really loved Viet Nam and she wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the scenery of Viet Nam for all of her foreign acquaintance.

A wedding by Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Venue: Starlight Cuise Halongbay

Photo: 89.1 studio