Charming Glamour | Intimate Wedding in Da Nang

November 10, 2022
Intimate Wedding

Linh & Reece

InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

We put a lot of love and effort into this couple’s big day, not just because we're planners but because we're their companions. We admire the way they love each other. The way they tease and laugh together, and on the other hand, the way they teared up as they were listening to the sound of each other’s heart.

Bride Getting Ready

Every girl needs the girl's best friends and it is such an amusing time when one of the girls gets married. Linh and her bridesmaids didn't waste the chance to make the most fun out of this special occasion.

If you are a soon-to-be bride and still wondering how to perfectly end your single life with your besties then check out these fun “champagne” moments of them and start thinking about what you and your best friends should do to send you off to marriage!

Groom Getting Ready

While the girls were having fun with all the champagnes, the boys celebrated Reece's bachelor life with their own small bachelor party with cigars and cocktails.This is the chance for the very-soon-to-be groom to get together with all his closest friends, say the last goodbye to his single life and look forward to starting a new chapter with his chosen partner.

There's definitely ain’t no more perfect way than this to send off a gentleman to marriage!


Linh and Reece were such a graceful couple that we decided to create an elegant concept for their wedding using the primary colors of white and dusty pink.

For our sophisticated brides and grooms - a dusty pink and elegant white stationery set.

The reception area was originally made to welcome the couple’s beloved guests. At Linh and Reece’s wedding, this place is also created for sharing and giving.

Fun facts about Linh and Reece were hung on trees so that the guests can read and understand more about the couple whose wedding they are attending. Pictures of Linh and Reece's happy times were displayed on a bookshelf that read "Call us the Wallis."

There were some notepads and an instant camera set up so that the family and friends could leave something for our couple - a photo or maybe some loving messages.

The bride and groom are lovely, but not all flowery-lovely. They want something simply sophisticated, not so many flowers and unique for the ceremony. And for that, we created this beautiful arch combined of 2 two circles symbolizing the wedding rings and their promises to be together forever. As this wedding was overlooking the ocean, a little touch of the sea was added to the concept by rattan hand fans decorated with a small thank you card and white ribbon as gifts for the guests.

Linh and Reece's dinner party was held in a cozy setting filled with candlelight.

To successfully bring out the elegant white and dusty pink theme for our gracious couple's dinner party, we have prepared everything down to the smallest details: the wax sealed name tags on each menu, the dusty pink napkins, the white plates with silver detail,...

Private vows

One of Linh and Reece’s wishes is to exchange their vows privately to each other before speaking in front of their guests during the ceremony. However, one thing made this private vows session special is that they still want the moment she walks down the aisle to be the first time he sees her in the wedding dress. That’s why they had to face their backs together and refrain from looking at one another throughout the whole thing.

Neither seeing each other nor looking in each other’s eyes, Linh and Reece can only listen to the sound of their hearts and holding hands, knowing that this is the person they're going to spend their life with.


To quote our beloved groom:

“Today, we’ve brought all of our closest friends and family to one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world to celebrate our love.”

and it was such a memorable ceremony.

Linh said that she was completely awe-struck that Reece had chosen her to be his girlfriend and then to be the one standing there with him that day. But actually, it was us that was completely awe-struck listening to their vows and seeing them officially become husband and wife. Their words not only showed how much they adore each other, but also their trust, respect, support, and understanding towards each other.

Photoshoot on the beach

Some of our brides wonder how couples can have their emotional first look at the ceremony when they have pre-wedding photos and the groom has already seen the bride in the white dress. The answer here is to wear different outfits for pre wedding pics and have a small shooting session in wedding attires after the ceremony happened - just like Linh and Reece.

Under the cloudy sky, in front of the great sea, they took a romantic walk and blended themselves in the loving moment.

After party - dinner

When the couple changed from wedding attires to the traditional Vietnamese ao dai, the dinner party of this Vietnamese - British couple finally happened.

It was turn of the guests to speak up and share their feelings on the special day of Linh and Reece. A DJ, some remixes, some wedding games along with so much laughter - a perfect way to celebrate the start of the newly-weds’ life.


Thank for the team:

Concept, Planning : Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Decoration: LA ROSE Wedding Decor

Photography: Kien's Collection

Videography: The Vows Films

Make-up: Phu Gia Gia

Wedding Dress: Hacchic Couture

Groom Suit: Hanoi Peak Bespoke

MC: Binh Nguyen Dang