Zach and Savannah made the decision to have their wedding and honeymoon in Vietnam despite never actually visiting the country. The main drivers of choice were the love for Vietnamese food, its unique culture, and a faith in a beautiful nation they'd known through the internet. Fortunately, Vietnam didn't let them down. Especially, Zach & Savanah are kinda uncomplicated, they want to have an elopement wedding and let us surprise them before the wedding day.

Getting Ready

First Look

In the first look ceremony, Savannah couldn’t hide her emotions when she finally met her husband. Shining rays of sunshine after the rain as the most complete congratulations of Ninh Binh to the couple on the upcoming ceremony.


The first time they came to Vietnam, Zach and Savannah wanted to have a remarkable wedding with the tropical style of a Southeast Asian country. So we decided to design a wedding with flowers only in our country. The vibrant ceremony arch matched very well with the fairy scenery of the natural landscape in Ninh Binh and made the place like heaven on earth.

It felt like a happy ending in a movie in which the main character escaped with the love of their life to get married somewhere in the world. And they lived happily ever after…


“...I promise to love you for the rest of my life. I promise to be your partner, your champion, your North Star, your “Little Spoon”, your wife. I promise to never let go of your hand, and to never let go of our love.”


Thank for the team:

Planner: Huyen Phan & Minh Huyen

Photography: Mirror Wedding

Venue: Ninh Binh

Hairstyle: Huong Giang Nguyen

Makeup: The bride Savannah

Film: RedSheep