Elopement Wedding

June 30, 2022


Eloping has often been portrayed as spur-of-the-moment and “elopement" originally referred to a situation in which a girl or a couple, despite all odds, runs away for true love. An elopement wedding used to mean having a wedding without informing your family and friends.

Howevers, recently, that definition has changed. An elopement wedding still has the element of “running away” in it, but it simply means having a tie-the-knot ceremony with only the couple themselves and maybe just a few of their closest people in the world.

The thing about elopement weddings is that it truly is about the couple themselves, and nothing else matters as much as they do.

1. Endless option of venue:

An elopement wedding can take place anywhere. It doesn’t require a proper venue and there are endless options for the couple to choose to have their elopement ceremony.

For nature lovers, perhaps a ceremony in the wilderness of a forest, or blending themselves in the open space in the middle of a vast meadow, would be ideal. An adventurous couple can choose to elope to a foreign country, under one of the most beautiful waterfalls ever. On the other hand, some couples would prefer just a simple ceremony in a location that holds many of their memories together.

Couples can select whichever venue best suits their personalities and wishes.

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2. Less of wedding planning stress for the couple:

A traditional wedding with hundreds of guests requires extensive wedding planning, which includes everything from scouting and choosing a venue to picking vendors for food, wedding attire and so on. Timeline management and budget management, keeping a happy mood while greeting hundreds of people can put a lot of pressure on several brides and grooms.

Meanwhile, having an elopement wedding means no extensive guest lists, no worries about what other people think when attending your wedding and no pressure on having to say the right thing in front of the guests in the ceremony.

3. The undeniable privacy:

Some elopement ceremonies feature the closest friends and family members of the couple. But in many cases, an elopement only consists of the couple, and primary vendors such as their wedding planner and photographer/videographer who are there to capture the beautiful moments of the elopement.

For the couples’ privacy, vendors can witness the ceremony from afar as they say whatever they want to each other, even throw in their vows some “dirty” or cheesy lines. This day is genuinely about the couple and they can have all the privacy in the world to focus on what’s most important — each other.

4. Budget utilization:

No intensive guest list means adding up the price tag on invitations, decoration, big venue, food, and time. Elopement weddings offer couples full command of their day. They can choose whatever they want to invest in - whether having decorations for their ceremony or not, eloping to a far or near destination, investing in dazzling wedding attire or just wearing casual outfits,...

Elopement packages are an affordable option— especially for couples who want to put their money toward the honeymoon instead of a big wedding party.