First Look

Home in your eyes, love in your smile

And the next chapter of the love story beginsโ€ฆ



"...You are the sail to my stormy days. You keep me balanced & level-headed when the boat gets wobbly at times. Nobody knows & loves me better than you do, and I, of course, you. We are two kindred souls who met by the most unexpected of chances. But today, here we are, seven & a half years into the relationship, showing our purest of intentions to each other, showing our whole selves - the love, the soul, the commitment in our hearts knowing that we are & will always be ready to love one another until the end of time."

- Romeo said.


Thank for the team:

Concept, Planning : Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Photography: Lร e Productions

Venue: Du thuyแปn 5 sao Le Theatre Hแบก Long