Art Decor

June 30, 2021

Lan Thu & Mahan

MAD Society Restaurant, Hanoi

The wedding of Lan Thu and Mahan takes place on the brilliant sunny days in July, maybe thats why their faces are always radiant with sunshine of happiness. Since Lan Thu and Mahan were still dating, they have always dreamed of a warm and intimate wedding with their close friends and relatives. Therefore, they do not spend too much money on wedding decorations, but they are more devoted to preparing games and other activities for that guests, so that they can keep in their mind sweet memories on their big day.

Getting Ready


Lan Thu chose a restaurant decorated creatively in Art Deco style, recreating an ancient and romance European corner right in the heart Hanoi to organize her wedding. After visiting MAD Society, Thuyen Giay decided to choose to decorate Lan Thu and Mahan wedding with warm colors such as red, orange, yellow… to bring the harmony to the space.

The backdrop where their wedding was held was not an intricately designed backdrop, it was simply a hand letter that Mahan wrote to Thu in his native language, expressing his feelings with a simple Vietnamese girl. Love is always so pure, on the biggest day of her life, what a woman wants to see most is always the feelings of her lover.

First Look

Before the wedding ceremony, Lan Thu and Mahan had some really touching moments while performing the “First Look” ceremony. It was not the first time that Mahan had ever seen Lan Thu in the image of an arrogant girl with careful makeup, but this time the Iranian man was tearful. Unlike Mahan’s homecountry, Vietnamese brides do not wear elaborate colored gems and patterned outfits, Lan Thu steps out simply and gently in a splendid white bridal gown. Mahan is elegant and trendy in gentleman suits, their wedding is like a blend of cultural harmony, highlighting the pure features of Southeast Asian people but at the same time brought the fresh Western Asia breeze


After Party

A wedding by Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Photos: Mirror Wedding

Venue: MAD Society Restaurant