Elopement in Lang Son | Where the sky meets the land 

May 19, 2022
Elopement Wedding

Dang Ninh & Thanh Huyen

Dong Lam, Lang Son

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind, Huyen and Ninh chose a calm and fresh place to tie the knot. Among the beautiful destinations in Vietnam, they decided to set down in Lang Son, one of the infamous locations for a destination wedding. Surrounded by the exclusive meadow, vast blue sky and green grasses by the river, the couple celebrated their love to each other.

elopement in Lang Son


The reeds fluttered in the sunny and windy afternoon of the hillside of Lang Son. An elegant wedding arch with reeds and flower in blue and violet tone is definitely the perfect background for the ceremony. Huyen and Ninh - two charismatic individuals in mint-shade wedding outfits, was just glowing under the sunlight, in front of this pretty decoration.

elopement in Lang Son
elopement in Lang Son


Lang Son is one of the hidden gems in Vietnam for a destination wedding. It has many exquisite landscapes, cultural relics, and scenic spots that everyone will fall in love with at first sight. Beside cultural relics, Lang Son is the only location that we can find a meadow. Surrounded by the green grass and the cloudy sky, Huyen and Ninh's ceremony is just so memorable.


Huyen Ngo and Dang Ninh have been together for 1357 days. They spent 2 years in a distance relationship and to be frank, that 2 years was extremely challenging. There was a time that both of them faced the most difficult question in a relationship: "Should I continue?". But they remembered why they fell in love in the beginning, and used that love for each other to power through everything. Now, after all those obstacles, they realized it was time for a new chapter of their love story. A family.

Romantic Dinner

Bride's Birthday

Ninh secretly whispered to us that the day for the elopement was also Huyen's birthday and he hoped that he could do a surprise for her. Everything was kept secret. When they were having dinner together in the meadow of Lang Son, a cake appeared, and the song "Happy Birthday" was played. It was a wonderful surprise for the bride and she couldn't hold the happy tears. It was one of the best birthdays ever for Huyen, and one of the most memorable days for the both of them.


Thank for the team:

Planning, Decoration: Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Photography: Kien's Collection

Venue: Dong Lam, Lang Son