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September 13, 2021
Intimate Wedding

Yen & Tuan

Quinza Restaurant, Hanoi

Getting Ready

The bride in the white dress holding a colorful bouquet and the groom in a suit were the moment that no one can forget.

First Look

It’s always emotional when the groom sees his bride in the wedding dress. Tears can’t hold. However, the moment was even remarkable when the groom saw the bride on a spring day next to a romantic river scene.

🎼 🎶


The wedding theme is vintage. Therefore wooden patterns and petit objects were the primary ideas to bring the vibe of vintage. However, flowers were the key to make the decoration outstanding. Warm color flowers made the decoration comfortable and natural.


With two primary colors: dark green and white, to illustrate the contrast, the stationery is still modern and vintage because of the hand calligraphy. Significantly, the calligraphy was hand-made by the bride. She was careful to choose the perfect fonts and put so much effort into this.


Time had come. Music started playing, and the bride walked down to the aisle. In the end, she saw her future husband, stood there, and smiled. He held her hand and looked into her eyes. He laid down a kiss on her forehead. The tear was coming when they vowed. But it was the happiness minute.

After Party

The night was coming, but it wouldn’t stop the wedding. It was time for fun games to connect the couple and guests. They shared many secrets about their love story. The party only stopped when the last songs began playing.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

They are the ones that supported the couple a lot during the wedding. They shared the moment and made it more precious.


Thank for the team:

Concept, Planning : Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Venue: Quinza Long Biên

Photo & Film: De Rossa Studio