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April 11, 2021
Intimate Wedding

Hung Vu - Linh Dao

Dinh Restaurant, Hanoi

A wedding hidden among the greenery of nature is Hung and Linh's marriage.

Khanh Linh is a dreamy girl. In her mind, her wedding will fulfil with objects presenting her love story. Then her wedding finally comes true when the song "Chuyen tau mau xanh" starts playing.

Getting Ready

The song was playing with the wind of nature and bringing the love to this green wedding.


As the wish of the bride, the theme is love. All the memories from small objects are used as a part of the decoration. The camera used to take pictures of the couple or their photos has become essential details.


Khanh Linh is a dreamy girl. Since she was young, she had already known what she loved in her wedding, a lovely wedding decorating by all the petit anniversary gifts associated with the memory of love. A new door opened for the couple's love. It was in a romantic garden space in the musical sound of the song "Chuyen tau mau xanh." The wedding was like how the couple's wedding dream drew in the beginning, with all sincerity.

" Khi đoàn tàu rời bến, mang giấc mơ trôi dần đi

Trên chuyến tàu màu xanh, có tôi và em

khi đoàn tàu rời bến, qua khắp ngôi sao trời cao

Đâu trở lại ngày mai, và mang quá khứ mờ phai

Trên chuyến tàu màu xanh Có tôi và em "

- Quote "Chuyến tàu màu xanh" - Bluemato band

First Dance

After Party

There are still many things that we did not know about the couple. Even sometimes, they still do not understand their partner. A fun game is a time for getting closer with the couple.

Planning & Decoration: Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner
Photo: Pixel Photography
Venue: DINH Restaurant