Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

November 1, 2022

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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

The Important Moments

Wedding vows are such a magical and totally personal moment. It’s a chance to express your love, your personality and the unique nature of the relationship you and your partner share. Be it emotion charged or lighthearted words that see you seal-the-deal, it’s important to think about what it is that you want to express in this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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If you still a little stressed? Don't worry, we've asked some couples who have written their own wedding vows to share their tips on how they took on this task. However, we don't force you to follow these ideas. It is important that you say what you want to share with the other person, write about it confidently.

Start with what you love about your partner


Ideas for wedding vows

Why did you agree to be the husband or wife? When did you realize you fell in love with them? You can describe the little things that your partner falls in love with or tell the old memories that the two of you had together.

Throw it back to your first date


Remember where and when you met? What it was like to see each other for the very first time? Try to capture that feeling and put it into words—it’s the beginning of your love story and what led you to this special moment!




How has your life changed because of that love?

Share personal stories

Tell your partner you'll be there through thick and thin

Most wedding vows touch on sticking around through good times and bad. And what promises do you vow to keep today, tomorrow, and always? It’s a big question because it’s a big deal, and it’s helpful to think seriously about what you’re promising your partner.

This is a special occasion to let your guests know: how this love has nourished and brought change to your life. From there, people will have a connection and understand the two of you better.

It's so much more interesting for friends or family to hear about your odd quirks and raw personal moments.

Think about the future


What do you imagine the next 10 years to be like? 25 years? 100 years?! Painting a picture of what marriage looks like together down the road is a way to write uniquely personalized vows to say

"I choose you, forever."

Acknowledge the support you'll need from others


You've gathered your friends and family to celebrate your wedding, but you'll need them just as much during your marriage


Say "I love you"

A familiar, brief expression but always contains a lot of love for each other. Keep reminding each other of that even as you both grow old!

We hope this advice helped you. If you're looking for more inspiration for writing your own wedding vows, find vows to inspire you and wedding vows you'll love. Ready to write your own wedding vows ?