Intimate Wedding

April 26, 2022

Living up to its name, an intimate wedding is an occasion focused on the connection between the bride and groom and their beloved guests.

In contrast to a traditional wedding with considerable guests, the intimate wedding has a smaller scale in terms of attendees, with just between 30 and 100 guests.

Of course, intimacy is the key to this style of wedding, and it can only be achieved through love and affection, so the guests are the bride and groom's closest friends and family members, who genuinely know and care for them.

outdoor intimate wedding
outdoor intimate wedding in Hanoi

This type of wedding takes place in a private venue, usually a modest restaurant with a unique space like a garden or rooftop that can hold a small party; or farther from where the couple lives - in a homestay/villa outside the city.

Intimate Wedding Venue in Hanoi
intimate wedding venue in Hanoi
Outdoor Intimate Wedding Venue

1, Signature mark of the couple:

This wedding type usually carries the couple's distinctive mark. Everything can be customized to meet their style and vibe, from the venue to the decorations. Every moment of the ceremony would be genuinely theirs.

Intimate wedding

2. Efficient use of budget:

Because of the small scale in terms of guests, the budgets can be used more efficiently. Instead of paying a considerable amount of money for a party of hundreds of acquaintances, they don't know, the bride and groom can totally use the money to invest more into the features they really care about.

Each couple has a different preference, and with a small wedding, the budget can be used to fulfill their wants. Investing in decoration for the ceremony, a memory reminiscence corner, in wedding outfits, wedding rings, or in a luxury banquet... - The option is based on the couple themselves so that the budget can be used so much more efficiently.

Low budget intimate wedding price
Low budget intimate wedding price
Low budget intimate wedding
Low budget intimate wedding price
Low budget intimate wedding price
Low budget intimate wedding price

3. The intimacy:

Of course, the biggest perk achieved when holding a small wedding is the intimacy itself.

As mentioned above, the number of guests usually has only 30 to 100, who are the couple's closest people in the world and genuinely know and care for them.

Not only can they show the bride and groom love and affection, but they can also create an intimate environment for the couple to express their love towards each other. This is why intimate weddings are more warm and emotional than traditional ones.

Intimate Wedding
Intimate Wedding
Intimate Wedding

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