Elopement Under the waterfall

October 10, 2022
Elopement Wedding

Romeo & Garry

Nang Tien Waterfall, Son La

Vietnam is the second home that the couple chose to stay in over the past eight years. They love the country, the people. They have traveled to various cities in Vietnam, and Moc Chau left a strong impression on them. Therefore, to celebrate their milestones, they chose to return to Moc Chau.

Getting Ready


The wedding concept focuses on the waterfall and a craft sailing boat, symbolizing a new adventure. On the surface of the sail, a poetic line "Souls tend to go back to who feels like home" and a 100% hand-embroidered logo was made. The meaning of this logo is a distinctive feature of the Vietnamese people; specifically, this is the brocade motif of the Thai people (an ethical group who are living in Moc Chau) with the symbolism: "a gorgeous flower that grows in the most challenging situation." It presents the difficulties and challenges that the couple has gone through together. The flowers also mean "forever" in Western-style and "beautiful" in Thai ethical culture.

Because of the natural space where green has dominated, vibrant colors are the best option.

Specifically for the table's idea, instead of putting flowers in the vase as traditional and by inspiring from the waterfall, Bayla chose flower-waterfall decoration style. Bayla wants to present conventional materials into the concept, such as ceramic for the vase + candlestick, wooden material for the plate + knife + fork + spoon + cup liner, combining with the plate lining material, knitting rattan, an embroidered cloth with ethnic motifs in the Northwest region.

The table location is also a unique element. There was a flat rock surface submerged more than 20cm below the water surface. It was exciting and unique, suitable for the couple to sit side by side and raise a glass of sweet wine.


We hope that with the scenery of a floated floral boat along with the movement of the river, hiding behind a marvelous waterfall, the love story will remain in the couple's heart forever...

"...You are the sail to my stormy days. You keep me balanced & level-headed when the boat gets wobbly at times. Nobody knows & loves me better than you do, and I, of course, you. We are two kindred souls who met by the most unexpected of chances. But today, here we are, seven & a half years into the relationship, showing our purest of intentions to each other, showing our whole selves - the love, the soul, the commitment in our hearts knowing that we are & will always be ready to love one another until the end of time."

- Romeo said.


Thank for the team:

A wedding by Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Florist: Primavera Flower & Decor

Photography & Film: Kien's Collection

Vest: CleverGent

Wedding shoes: L'mant Shoesmaker




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