7 Things you should consider when

choosing a wedding venue

​​Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you need to make during the planning process. A certain place will make you want to do your wedding here but before booking the venue, make sure to check all the information you need to know and offer to be shown more corners around the venue. When you pass through the venue, always look around carefully in case something doesn't like you imagine.

Measure the large of the venue

First, make sure the venue is large enough to fit the number of your guests. When you look around, the area supposes to be spacious but when you put the decoration and essential things of the wedding, the venue will look narrower.

You should ask for specific numbers on the size of the venue or attends your friends’ wedding in this venue to know.

On the other hand, if you choose an intimate wedding or a special place (like the bar you first met your partner or the garden of your parent’s house), you should consider the number of guests to fit the venue.

Intimate Wedding Venue in Hanoi
intimate wedding venue in Hanoi

Ceremony and after-party area

There should be specific and logically arranged areas so that guests can eat, drink, dance, and have fun chatting. When going around the venue, try to imagine what activities will take place in what places in this space (especially the main ceremony).

We always recommend partnering with a professional wedding planner so they can map out all your plans if you're having a hard time.

In addition, note all obstructions in the hall (e.g. pillars, stairs, or special bends), whether they are too uncomfortable obstructions to the view and activities of guests.

Ceremony and after-party area

There may be a lot of weddings or gatherings taking place in a messy way in the space nearby, you may be affected by the noisy sounds and the number of people passing by during the ceremony.

If you don't feel like this at all, try to schedule it for a time when there are no other concurrent events. If this is not possible, imagine the troubles you might face and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Or, you can rent a private venue just enough to ensure privacy for yourself and your guests. We recommend you have an intimate wedding for the best privacy.


A tip is to go to the venue at the same time as your wedding time so that you can know whether the venue has enough light or not.

The color palette


Checking out the restrooms in the venue is a definite must-have. You need to make sure the WC area is large and clean enough to accommodate your number of guests.

A back-up plan

Be prepared for unexpected things that will change on your wedding day such as a sudden rainstorm and your outdoor wedding plans not going through. Talk to your hotel or venue about possible B plans, like moving the wedding party indoors or putting up a canopy if you're too fond of the outdoors.