An Outdoor Wedding | Pastel Love

July 8, 2022

Mai Quynh Le & Kibeom

Intercontinential Landmark 72

Mai Quynh Le and Kibeom first met at a diner in Seoul when she was a foreign student and he was on a business trip. They slowly fell for each other and kept on growing their love despite the hundreds of miles between the bride's university and the groom's hometown. Fast forward to 2 years later - she graduated and had to return to Vietnam, so he decided to follow his heart and leave everything behind to go with her.


Quynh Le and Kiboem are a gentle couple who enjoy all things cute and sweet. Their love remains gentle and soft, despite the fact that they have faced numerous challenges along the way as they were having a long distance relationship.

Thinking of their wedding, we imagined a sweet loving scene, just like something coming out of romance Kdrama. And that’s how we came up with the Pastel Love concept in which baby pink was the primary color, with a touch of Korean vibe to celebrate the place where their love blossomed.


Thank for the team:

Concept, Planning and Decoration: Bayla Vietnam Wedding Planner

Photography: Kien's Collection

Makeup: TUTA Makeup & Academy

Wedding Dress: Én Bridal

Wedding Shoes: YUAN - Shoes Design

Venue: InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72