Ultimate Checklist: 10 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

October 11, 2021

Your wedding is coming. You're busy with the preparation. It's the big day for any bride and there are plenty of tasks that should be done before your wedding. Let's check out this checklist to make sure that your wedding day is prepared on time.

It is crucial to make the wedding budget to easily navigate your wedding from the bottom line. From that, you can break down your planning. What is a priority? What's not? Determining your budget from the beginning can also help you to figure out the needs for your wedding. However, the number will change as your plan. It is better to create a sheet to-go for your spending. The sheet helps you to keep track of your spending and calculate the numbers.

Not many couples think about the guest list beforehand. In fact, many couples tend to wait until the last minute to plan the guest list. However, making a guest list earlier can help you decide the budget (how much you can afford?) and the venue (how many people it fits?). When you prepare your guest list in the first stage, it is uncomplicated to plan your wedding.

This step depends on your budget and your opinion. If you are too busy or you think you need a professor to help you in planning. A wedding planner is your right-hand person and will guide you in all decisions, from selecting a venue to keeping your budget balance. Moreover, the planner will be there before, during, and after the wedding day to support you mentally and physically. With more than 5 years in the wedding planning industry, Bayla is a trusted partner and a friend to be side-by-side with the couple in the wedding journey.

When it comes to select the venue, there are several considerations that the couples should pay attention to.

  • The quality of catering
  • The price
  • The capacity
  • The location

The couples should pay much attention to the last 2 elements. Because the size of the venue can decide how is your wedding going? And what types of wedding themes can be used? Moreover, does the location fit for transportation? The site should be easy to access for both guests and the couple.

Because of that, you want to explore your options, visit the places and select a location that matches the number of guests, style, and of course, budget.

Vietnam wedding venue

It takes time for brides to find the "perfect" dress. Therefore, it is better to start searching for a dress in the early stage. It will save time, and you can have a period to compare all the different dresses. Although the dress should be found early, remember to try the dress before the wedding day 1-2 weeks. Because our body is frequently changing, especially for the bride. The body can be affected by emotion and stress during the wedding preparation. Don't wait until about 1 month before the date to look for a dress. It can make the bride more stressed.

After planning your guest list, it's time to search for the invitation design. The invitation is the first impression to the guests of your big day. That's why you want to put effort into it. There are tones of invitation designs that are pretty and can be found on the Internet. However, one tip for the invitation design is that the invitation should present your personal style. Try to make it according to your customized view. If you hire a wedding planner, the planner can help you with the design of the invitation and make it more personal. However, you can design your own invitation.

The next step is to find a printer. Make sure that the number of invitations matches the number of guests. So that you don't have to print extra and it can cost more.

Bayla wedding invitation design

Photographers play a key role in your wedding. Because they will record your wedding and keep the memories of the wedding day for you. Who doesn't want to have beautiful photos on the big day so that it'll recall the time when you look back at those photos?

You can reach out to the photographers via the wedding planner. Remember to look at the photographers' protocol beforehand and clearly discuss what style you want for your photos.

The best time to buy a wedding ring is 1-2 months before. Then you will have enough time to find out more information about the size and the design you like. If you can't find any design you want, you can make your wedding based on your style. Buying a ring around 1-2 months before the wedding also allows the ring to participate in essential milestones such as pre-wedding photography. Avoid purchasing the ring too late because you don't have enough time to choose the right model or adjust the size.

Be sure to send it on time so the guests can prepare for the date. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, it requires extra time for travel arrangements. Then the invite should be sent earlier, around 6 months before the date.

Don't forget to check the progress with the suppliers or the planners. This step can help you to solve the problem early and allow the wedding happened on time.

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